Diastar is a fully-automatic static pressure vertical leaf filter. It is used for thickening or clarification of slurries, but it can also wash and dewater filter cakes.
Its unique operating principle enables it to achieve particularly high specific throughputs, filtrate quality and thickening ratios.

Diastar Filter:

  • First commercialized in 1986
  • 702 Diastars installed in 2021
  • 46 Countries, worldwide
  • Main applications : thickening or clarification of slurries
  • Other : possibility of cake washing and/or cake dewatering
  • International patents of Diastar’s unique features

Main industries:

  • Beet or cane sugar factories
  • Raw sugar refineries
  • Alumina refineries
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Non-ferrous metal factories