About us

Mr Gaudfrin


Company established in 1962 by Mr Guy Gaudfrin. Gaudfrin has specialized in the design and development of equipment for the filtration, thickening, clarification, dewatering and washing of solid-liquid suspensions. The wide ranges in size and capacity of each of the technologies presented here have been applied on many sites in the sugar, chemical and mineral industries.




Equipment (Gaudfrin Patents) :

  • Diastar Filters (Static Pressure Vertical Leaf Filters)
  • Disc Filters (Pressure or Vacuum Rotary Filters)
  • Belt Filters (Horizontal Vacuum Filters)
  • Universal Filters (Dynamic Pressure and Vacuum Vertical Leaf Filters)

Company Facilities in France :

  • Engineering & Study Office in St-Germain-en-Laye (78100)
  • Workshop & Laboratory in Ecquevilly (78920)

Average turnover over the last 10 years (2015) :

  • 14,000,000 €/year

Export ratio :

  • 95%